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🙋 Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you require a committment?

No, you can pay month-to-month for my services. That said, I've found that clients tend to have the best outcomes when they plan to stick with digital marketing for at least a few months. When you aren't in a rush to see results, you can treat digital marketing like the long-term investment it is. Google can take months to reflect your site's SEO improvements in its search rankings. New ad campaigns can't reach peak performance without hours of upfront work and many rounds of optimization. You may not achieve your desired result if you can't dedicate enough time to let these processes play out.

Is there a minimum ad spend for paid search and social campaigns?

Because of how I've structured my pricing, I don't require a minimum ad spend. But in almost all cases, I recommend against investing in digital ads unless you're prepared to spend at least $500/month. Ad campaigns need a wealth of data to perform their best, and we generate data by paying for clicks. Every click brings us closer to knowing which ads, keywords, devices, and times of day convert best. It generally takes at least $500/month to generate the clicks needed to dial in a campaign in a timely fashion. That figure jumps up to $1,000+/month for highly competitive industries where clicks are more expensive. Realtors, lawyers, doctors, dentists, and home service professionals may fall into this category.

Why owns the campaigns?

You do. I build all campaigns within your own ad accounts. If you don't have an account with a specific ad platform, I'll help you set one up. When we go our separate ways, you retain full ownership of the work.

Will you bill me for ad spend?

No. Each ad platform charges you directly for ad spend via the card associated to your account. I never touch your ad spend.